Hey everyone
CoolGuy4494 here,

Recently we have gotten many hits here. As most know, I dont post on this blog anymore. But I am willing to make a come back if people are wanting me too. I will do this blog and John’s Sports Blog as well. Comment with your answer to if I should come back and post on this site!



Other Sites!

CoolGuy4494 here!

Again, I am stopping this blog, not quitting CP! Here are the sites that I ma still working on:
BFA Army
GatorsNc’s CP Site
John’s Sports Blog (Dalre3’s new site. I am JT not CoolGuy4494 on this site)

This is my last post ever on this site. Everyone have a good life if I never see you again!

-CoolGuy4494 🙂

My Story: The Story of CoolGuy4494

Hey everyone,

CoolGuy4494 here to tell you about my life story as a CP Blogger. If you don’t care about reading this, then don’t but it is something that I will write for the sake of me!

CP was just a blur to me when I first started it. My friend, Dalre3, told me that it was a really cool and fun game! So, I signed up. At that time, I was still into Webkinz, my Webkinz username was CoolGuy4449994, but CP wouldn’t take it! So I shortened it to 4494. And that’s how CoolGuy4494 became my name.

I am no longer into Webkinz, nor do I play it! But CP is still big on my plate. It has been a great journey throughout all the hard and happy times on CP I had. The mostly hard times was when Disney controlled CP and started Member rooms and stuff when I was not a Member yet. But all worked out later.

After a while, just getting on CP wasn’t enough for me! I saw lots of famous people had Twitters. So, I decided to make one with my penguin. It was great and it still is growing today as I have over 140 followers to this day!

Then, on twitter one day, a penguin named Rockstarguy3 offered me a job on his site! I wasn’t so sure at first, but got used to it and began to do very well with it! When I saw that he didn’t have a lot of hits, I officially started my own site with Dalre3. Then, CoolGuy4494’s CP Cheats was born!

4000 hits later, the hits decreased day after day. All my hard was diminishing in popularity. So, after trying to get the hits back up, we decided to quit the blog for good. We rocked out and had a great Quitting Party which 5+ people came too. It was the biggest turnout of the Blog. Now you may not seem like that is much, but it is a lot to my standpoint.

I have met tons of great people along the way! Including Poppymelt, one of the greatest designers and Army leaders you will ever see in CP history. Most other army leaders don’t care about anyone but themselves, but Poppymelt makes sure his army is in the right order all the time.

Thank you guys so much for this experience I had with CP Blogging and CP. I am not quitting CP, but I am slowing down from it. I will get on for everything new, just not get on in my free time as much. I will still be one 3 other sites.

Poppymelt’s BFA Army

GatorsNc’s CP Site

John’s Sports Blog (Dalre3’s new site, I am listed as JT on it not CoolGuy4494)

Thanks for a great run everyone!

-CoolGuy4494 🙂

My last post

Hi Poppymelt here because this site is ending i guess this will be my last post. Blah Blah Blah.

The End….. Or the new beginning

The rest of the message im writing in white.

Lol im white lol.  cant see what im typing so i will just type with my nose. hi thisw is poppymelt mwahaha.

Quitting This Blog Party Review!

Hey everyone,

CoolGuy4494 here with the review of the party that will end this site! It has been great and this was the best party turnout of my CP blog! Here is what we did!

We were supposed to go to Crystal, but it was full and everyone went to Breeze instead!

We started at the dock, then went to party at the Iceberg!

After, we headed to the Ski Hill and played a game of Sled Racing!

Poppymelt and Chimchar8637 are on the left!

Then, we headed down to the Lighthouse and play a band concert. Other people started to join and we rocked out!

Once people started to leave, we headed to the Ski Attic and played a few games of Find Four! I didn’t do so well though. Lol!

I thank all of the people that came! They were true friends. Thank you guys so much!

Have a great day!

I will have one more post after this!

-CoolGuy4494 🙂

4000 Hits and CoolGuy4494 + Dalre3 Going Away Party!

The party has been rescheduled!! New date below!

Hey guys,

CoolGuy4494 and Dalre3 here with the party that will be for the end of everything! I and Dalre3 will be quitting this blog once we reach 4000 hits! We are very close, so I think we can get them by Sunday! Here is the party info:

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Crystal, Dock

4:00 PST (Use the time on the Community page on Club Penguin)

Hope to see everyone there!

Again, I am not quitting CP! I am simply not going to post on this site anymore! I will still be in the BFA army and on CP at all of the events! Here is the link for the BFA Army.

Hope to have everyone as possible there!

-CoolGuy4494 and Dalre3

Not posting!

Hey everyone,

CoolGuy4494 here!

Sorry to say this, but I will be quitting this blog. We have only had 20 hits in the past 3 days. It really makes me sad! Once we get to 4000 hits, I will stop posting and quit this blog. However, i will not quit CP. I will still play CP, but not update this blog after 4000 hits! I will not update newspapers, but Friday updates and CP Blog posts!